FREE Book! ELT Bible Study Pack #1

FREE Book! ELT Bible Study Pack #1


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Learn English through Bible study with this really useful free resource book.

ELT Bible Study Pack #1 is a brand new resource for teachers and students of English who want to use the Bible to improve their language skills.

In this book you will find 30 original printable worksheets for either Bible Study or English language classes – or a mix of both! The dual aims of this book are to help you move closer to God by learning about Him through His Bible, while at the same time improving your English through an interesting and wide range of activities.

This book is designed to be used with groups or individuals, in a church, school, or home environment. Full answers and notes for use are provided.  If you spent around two hours working on each activity, including a warmer at the beginning, feedback at the end, and plenty of discussion throughout, you could easily build this material into a course lasting more than 60 hours.

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FREE Book! ELT Bible Study Pack #1

Download individual worksheets (DOCX and PDF) below:

Whole Bible:

8. 66 Books of the Bible – Gap-Fill    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

9. 66 Books of the Bible – Reference    [DOCX]    [PDF]

10. Trace Encouraging Bible Verses 1    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

11. Trace Encouraging Bible Verses 2    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

12. 40 Famous People from the Bible – DWs    Page 1:    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Page 2:    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]


Old Testament:

15. In the Beginning    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

16. Noah – Which Article and Why?    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

17. The Tower of Babel    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

18. Life of Moses – Part 1    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

19. Life of Moses – Part 2    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

20. The Fall of Samson    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

21. Psalm 23    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

22. Isaiah 53 – Change the Infinitives    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

23. Jonah – Wh-Questions 1    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

24. Jonah – Wh-Questions 2    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

25. Jonah – Yes / No Questions 1    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

26. Jonah – Yes / No Questions 2    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]


New Testament:

28. The Beatitudes – Complete the Missing Vowels    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

29. Jesus said… Word Chain 1    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

30. Jesus said… Word Search Puzzle 1    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

31. Jesus said… Word Search Puzzle 2    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

32. He is Risen!    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι   Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

33.  John the Baptist    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

34. The Prodigal Son – Who Said What? 1    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

35. The Prodigal Son – Who Said What? 2    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

36. Zacchaeus    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

37. Jesus said… Word Chain 2    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

38. The Day of Pentecost    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

39. 1 Corinthians 13 – Change the Infinitives    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]



41. Review    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

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