FREE Book! ELT Bible Study Pack #2

FREE Book! ELT Bible Study Pack #2

FREE Book! ELT Bible Study Pack #2

Learn English through Bible study with this really useful free resource book.

From the introduction:

“This book is the second volume in the ELT Bible Study Pack series, and while the worksheets are all brand new, the aims and format remain the same as in the first book. This book contains 30 printable worksheets, with answers and review, for either Bible Study or English language classes – or both! The aim is still to enable individuals and groups to draw nearer to God through studying His Word, while at the same time practising and improving their English language skills. The material is generally aimed at intermediate level and higher, although each worksheet can be adapted for lower levels if the teacher accesses the free Word files located below…”

Bible people and stories covered in book 2:

Bible people and stories covered in book 2

ELT topics covered in book 2:

ELT topics covered in book 2

Don’t forget that this book is in the Public Domain, so please feel free to share it and use it as you wish! If you enjoy it, please follow us on Facebook and tell your friends about us. Thank you!

Direct download:

Download the whole book here:

FREE Book! ELT Bible Study Pack #2

Download individual worksheets (DOCX and PDF) below:

Whole Bible:

8. Names of God    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

9. If… Promises of God    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

10. Reading the Bible – Discussion Questions    [DOCX]    [PDF]

11. Reading the Bible – Agree or Disagree?    [DOCX]    [PDF]

12. Sentence Blocks (Past Simple)    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

13. How to Make Sentence Blocks    [DOCX]    [PDF]


Old Testament:

16. 10 Prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

17. Abraham and Isaac    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

18. Joseph Writes…    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

19. Balaam and his Donkey    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

20. Rahab and the Spies – Checking Information    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

21. Tense Conversion 1 – David Writes a Psalm    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

22. Who was David?    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

23. David and Goliath – Idioms of Surprise    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

24. Solomon’s Wise Judgment    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

25. Proverbs – Advice for Life 1    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

26. Proverbs – Advice for Life 2    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

27. Elijah Versus the False Prophets    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

New Testament:

29. Mary and Elizabeth – Writing Questions    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

30. The Twelve Disciples – Using Relative Clauses 1    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

31. The Twelve Disciples – Using Relative Clauses 2    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

32. Jesus Walks on the Water    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

33. The Parable of the Good Samaritan    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

34. How Many Times should we Forgive?    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

35. The Parable of the Talents    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

36. Meeting Jesus – Third Conditional 1    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

37. Meeting Jesus – Third Conditional 2    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

38. Tense Conversion 2 – Dorcas Makes Clothes…    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

39. Rhoda Writes…    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

40. Paul’s Missionary Journeys    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]



42. Review    [DOCX]    [PDF]    Ι    Answers:    [DOCX]    [PDF]

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