Lesson 2.0 Introduction

2.0.1  This unit is called Transport. We are going to learn about the following topics:

  1. Word Classes
  2. 5 Tenses and 5 Forms of the Verb
  3. Present Simple and Present Continuous
  4. Adverbs of Frequency
  5. Sentence Stress and the Sound Spine
  6. Shapes and Colours
  7. 7. Telling the Time


Ex. 2.0.1 Speaking & Listening  Discuss the following questions with a partner or small group:

  1. What is your favourite mode of transport? Why? What is your least favourite mode of transport? Why?
  2. Can you drive? Tell me about learning to drive (or why you can’t drive).
  3. If you had the choice, where in the world would you visit that you haven’t visited before? Why? Who would you take with you? How long would you go for?
  4. Can you ride a bike? Tell me about learning to ride a bike (or why you can’t ride a bike).
  5. Tell me about a terrible journey that you’ve taken, e.g. you had one of these problems: cancellation / accident / lost luggage, etc.
  6. What is the biggest problem with public transport in your town or city?
  7. How do you think transport will be different from now in fifty years’ time?
  8. Would you like to fly in a space shuttle? Why? / Why not? How would you feel if you had this opportunity?

Ex. 2.0.2 Speaking & Listening  Work with a partner or small group. Study the vocabulary from Ex. 2.0.4, below. Think of some real-life situations where you could use the following functions, then create short dialogues or role plays:

  • suggest
  • offer
  • give
  • receive

Ex. 2.0.3 Writing  You want to get a new bus pass for reduced travel on buses and trains. Complete the form on this handout: writing-activity-bus-pass-application-form.

Ex. 2.0.4 Writing  Here are 40 words connected with the topic of Transport. Translate them into your first language and learn them:


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