Lesson 4.0 Introduction

4.0.1  This unit is called Family. We are going to learn about the following topics:

  1. Wh- Questions
  2. Yes / No Questions
  3. Pronouns
  4. Describing People
  5. Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous
  6. Auxiliary Verbs
  7. Punctuation Marks


Ex. 4.0.1 Speaking & Listening  Discuss the following questions with a partner or small group:

  1. Tell me about your family.
  2. Is there anyone in your family that you don’t like or don’t get on with? Why not?
  3. Who is the funniest member of your family? Why?
  4. Have you ever lived far away from your family? Would you like to in the future? How did / would you feel?
  5. Do you have children? Tell me about them. If not, would you like to have children in the future? Why? / Why not?
  6. Which member of your family are you closest to? Why?
  7. Have you ever tried to make your family tree? Tell me about it. If not, would you like to start making one? Why? / Why not?
  8. How important is your family to you? Are families important to society? Why? / Why not? What would society be like without families?

Ex. 4.0.2 Writing  Here are 40 words connected with the topic of Family. Translate them into your first language and learn them:

  1. boyfriend_________________
  2. mother_________________
  3. son_________________
  4. grandchild_________________
  5. adopted family_________________
  6. father-in-law_________________
  7. girl_________________
  8. niece_________________
  9. granddad_________________
  10. child_________________
  11. grandma_________________
  12. brother-in-law_________________
  13. mother-in-law_________________
  14. foster parent_________________
  15. dad_________________
  16. nephew _________________
  17. mum_________________
  18. uncle_________________
  19. great granddad_________________
  20. girlfriend_________________
  21. grandson_________________
  22. daughter_________________
  23. parent_________________
  24. brother_________________
  25. baby_________________
  26. ex-_________________
  27. aunt_________________
  28. family_________________
  29. fiancée_________________
  30. sister-in-law_________________
  31. cousin_________________
  32. father_________________
  33. husband_________________
  34. sister_________________
  35. great grandma_________________
  36. partner_________________
  37. boy_________________
  38. fiancé_________________
  39. wife_________________
  40. granddaughter_________________

Ex. 4.0.3 Writing  Write the 40 words above in the correct boxes:

Ex. 4.0.4 Reading  Match the people:

Ex. 4.0.5 Reading  Complete the gaps using words from the vocabulary above:

  1. My ______________ is married to my granddad.
  2. My ______________ is married to my wife’s mother.
  3. My ______________ is my aunt and uncle’s child.
  4. My dad’s sister’s husband is his ______________.
  5. These words do not describe blood relatives: _____________________________________.
  6. If my son’s ______________ gives birth to a baby girl, I will have a new ______________.
  7. My ______________ is a person that I used to have a relationship with.
  8. I’m not engaged to or married to my ______________, but we are going out.
  9. My ______________ looks after me instead of my parents.
  10. An ______________ is my family, but not my original family.
  11. Which family words sound like: a) had ________; b) aren’t ________; c) maybe________;               d) mild ________; e) sun ________; f) peace ________?
  12. My ______________ is the man who I have agreed to spend the rest of my life with.

Ex. 4.0.6 Reading  Meet Phil and his family:

Look at Phil’s family tree. Are these sentences true or false? If a sentence is false, say why:

  1. Tina is Phil’s mum._________________________________
  2. Jenny is Phil’s sister._________________________________
  3. Thomas is Phil’s granddad._________________________________
  4. Harriet is Phil’s grandma._________________________________
  5. Ian is Phil’s brother-in-law._________________________________
  6. Hannah is Phil’s nephew._________________________________
  7. Mary is also Phil’s grandma._________________________________
  8. Phil is Hannah’s uncle._________________________________
  9. Phil is Thomas and Tina’s daughter._________________________________
  10. Phil is Simon and Harriet’s grandson._________________________________
  11. Phil is Jenny’s brother._________________________________
  12. Robert is Phil’s brother._________________________________

Ex. 4.0.7 Reading  Look at Phil’s family tree again and complete these sentences:

  1. Tina is Phil’s_________________________________
  2. Jenny is Phil’s_________________________________
  3. Hannah is Phil’s_________________________________
  4. Thomas is Phil’s_________________________________
  5. Simon is Phil’s_________________________________
  6. Harriet is Phil’s_________________________________
  7. Robert is Phil’s_________________________________
  8. Phil is Thomas and Tina’s_________________________________
  9. Phil is Hannah’s_________________________________
  10. Phil is Jenny’s_________________________________
  11. Phil is Ian and Mary’s_________________________________
  12. Phil is Robert’s_________________________________

Ex. 4.0.8 Reading  Complete the sentences below using one of these words:



‘My sister’s son is my ____________________.’

‘My brother’s wife is my ____________________.’

‘The woman I’m divorced from is my ____________________.’

‘The woman I live with now is my ____________________.We’re not married or engaged though.’

‘My sister isn’t in a relationship at the moment. She’s ____________________.’


‘The man I’m going out with is my ____________________.’

‘My aunt’s daughter is my ____________________.’

‘The little boy whose christening I went to is my ____________________.’

‘My mum’s old friend Paula is my ____________________.’

‘My mum and dad aren’t married any more. They are ____________________.’

Ex. 4.0.9 Reading  Complete the sentences below using one of these words:


‘My last partner was called David. He has two ____________________.’

‘I live with my current ____________________,Dan.’

‘Dan’s mum is dead. His dad Raymond is a ____________________.’

‘My little sister and her boyfriend have just got ____________________.’

‘My grandma often talks about her dad. He was my ____________________.’


‘My mum has lived on her own for ten years since my dad died. She’s a ____________________.’

‘I was married for six years. I don’t really see Jon. He’s my ____________________.’

‘My brother is always going on about Lena, his new ____________________.’

‘If I get engaged to my current partner Nick, I’d be his ____________________.’

‘Nick’s family isn’t really normal. You could say it’s ____________________.’

Ex. 4.0.10 Speaking and Listening  Work with a partner or small group. Study the vocabulary above. Think of some real-life situations where you could use the following functions, then create short dialogues or role plays based on the topic of Family:

  • ask
  • reply
  • introduce
  • mock

Ex. 4.0.11 Reading  Fill in the gaps below with the correct family word:

  1. My grandma’s granddaughter is my____________________.
  2. My son’s grandmother is my ____________________.
  3. My son’s wife is my ____________________.
  4. My mother’s son is my____________________.
  5. My nephew’s sister is my____________________.
  6. The man I’m married to is my____________________.
  7. My brother’s wife is my____________________.
  8. The person I live with as if I’m married to them is my________________.
  9. The man I used to be married to is my____________________.
  10. My grandfather’s wife is my____________________.
  11. My mother’s sister is my____________________.
  12. My father’s father is my____________________.
  13. My cousin’s father is my____________________.
  14. The boy I gave birth to is my____________________.
  15. My daughter’s son is my____________________.
  16. The woman I married is my____________________.
  17. My son’s sister is my____________________.
  18. My aunt’s daughter is my____________________.
  19. My sister’s husband is my____________________.
  20. My brother’s father is my____________________.

Ex. 4.0.12 Reading  Bob Hunter’s Family: read the text and answer the questions below:

Bob Hunter is forty years old. He lives in Derby with his wife and three children. His wife’s name is Linda and she is an artist. Their eldest child, Richard, is studying Engineering at Derby University. Their middle child is called Claire. She’s fourteen and a student at Derby Grammar School. Their youngest child is Sally, who is twelve. She enjoys horse-riding and cycling. Bob is an accountant and works for Toyota at Burnaston. He enjoys his job but always looks forward to the weekend, when he can spend some quality time on the golf course. He is a member of Mickleover Golf Club and has been playing since he was eleven years old.

1. Who is the paragraph about? ________________________
2. How old is he? ________________________
3. Where does he live? ________________________
4. Is he married? ________________________
5. How many children does he have? ________________________
6. What is his wife’s name? ________________________
7. What does his wife do for a living? ________________________
8. What is the name of their eldest child? ________________________
9. What subject is he studying? ________________________
10. How old is Claire? ________________________
11. Which school does she go to? ________________________
12. What is the name of their other child? ________________________
13. How old is she? ________________________
14. What hobbies does she enjoy? ________________________
15. What does Bob do for a living? ________________________
16. Which company does he work for? ________________________
17. Does he like working there? ________________________
18. What does he do at the weekend? ________________________
19. What is the name of his golf club? ________________________
20. At what age did he start playing? ________________________

Ex. 4.0.13 Speaking and Listening  Work with a partner. Show them a photo of your family. Describe one of them for your partner to guess. Then swap roles and continue.

Ex. 4.0.14 Writing  Write about your family. Describe interesting members. Download and print the worksheet below:


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