Discussion Questions for English Classes - Clothes


Discussion Questions for English Classes

Discuss the following questions with a partner or small group:

  1. What is your favourite item of clothing? Why do you like it? Where did you get it from? How long have you had it?
  2. Which item of clothing do you hate the most? Why? When are you going to get rid of it?
  3. What do you wear to feel: a) smart, b) comfortable, c) fun?
  4. Have you ever bought something, worn it once, then taken it back to the shop for a refund? What happened?
  5. Who is the best dressed / worst dressed person… a) in the public eye, b) that you know?
  6. If you were given £4,000 to spend only on clothes and shoes, what would you buy and where would you go shopping?
  7. Do you follow fashion? Who and what is in / out of fashion at the moment? Have you ever been to a fashion show? Describe what happened.
  8. Where do you usually shop for clothes and shoes? What are the best shops in your town or city? Have you ever shopped online for clothes or shoes? Do you ever buy second-hand clothes or shoes?

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