Lesson 3.0 Introduction

3.0.1  This unit is called Health and the Human Body. We are going to learn about the following topics:

  1. Articles
  2. SVOPT Word Order
  3. Intonation
  4. Past Simple and Past Continuous
  5. Common Regular and Irregular Verbs
  6. This, That, These, and Those
  7. Daily Routines


Ex. 3.0.1 Speaking & Listening  Discuss the following questions with a partner or small group

1. Have you ever been to hospital? Tell me about it.
2. What would you do if a member of your family, or your best friend, had an accident?
3. How healthy are you? How often do you get ill? Do you go to the gym or exercise regularly?
4. What do you like the most / the least about your body? What would you like to change about your body if you could?
5. Would you ever consider having plastic surgery? If yes, what would you have done, and how would you pay for it? If no, why not?
6. What is the name, address and phone number of your dentist?
7. How would you make an appointment with your doctor – in English?
8. How often do you get your hair cut? Where do you get it cut? How much does it cost? Would you recommend your hairdresser? When did you last have a new hairstyle? When are you planning to have a new one? Have you got any tattoos or body piercings? If yes, where are they? Why do people have them?
9. Do you know anyone who is a hypochondriac? Are you one? Tell me more.
10. Do you take vitamin supplements or natural remedies? Do they have any effect?
11. In your opinion, who are the most attractive people in the world? Why are they attractive? What makes a person attractive? Is beauty only skin deep?
12. How would you feel, and how would you handle it, if you lost your… a) hair b) sense of taste c) sight d) hearing e) arms f) legs g) speech?
13. Would you like your body to be cryogenically frozen when you die so that you can perhaps be brought back to life in the future? Why? / Why not?
14. Do you carry a donor card? Would you like to give another person part of your body when you die? Why? / Why not? Should it be compulsory to carry a donor card?
15. Who is the unhealthiest person you know? Have you tried to encourage them to be healthier? Tell me more.
16. If you could swap bodies with somebody else for one day, who would it be? Why? What would you do?

Ex. 3.0.2 Vocabulary  Here are the parts of the body. parts-of-the-body-printable-handout Translate them into your language and learn them:

Ex. 3.0.3 Speaking  Work with a partner or small group. Study the vocabulary on this page and p.6. Think of some real-life situations where you could use the following functions, then create short dialogues or role plays based on the topic of Health and the Human Body:

  • tell
  • explain
  • warn
  • confirm

Ex. 3.0.4 Writing  Here are 30 words connected with the topic of Health and the Human Body. Translate them into your first language and learn them:

7.stethoscope _________________
15.waiting room _________________
20.examination _________________
24.appointment _________________
25.prescription _________________

Ex. 3.0.5 Writing  Translate the health problems into your first language and learn them, then put them into groups below. Note: answers may vary and provoke discussion!

3.stomach ache _________________
4.broken bone _________________
6.HIV / AIDS_________________
15.heart attack _________________
17.Parkinson’s disease _____________

Ex. 3.0.6 Vocabulary  Write the parts of the body:

Ex. 3.0.7 Writing  Draw an outline of a human body and label it with 20 (or more) external parts.

Ex. 3.0.8 Writing  Draw an outline of a human body and label it with 10 (or more) internal parts.

Ex. 3.0.9 Reading  Solve the anagrams and write the names of 20 parts of the body:

1. are _________________
2. knec _________________
3. osen _________________
4. yee _________________
5. rottha _________________
6. gel _________________
7. kelan _________________
8. tofo _________________
9. grenif _________________
10. ram _________________
11. daeh _________________
12. hoctsma _________________
13. oludsreh _________________
14. anhd _________________
15. techs _________________
16. loebw _________________
17. ote _________________
18. kabc _________________
19. thoum _________________
20. eekn _________________

Ex. 3.0.10 Reading  Complete the parts of the body with vowel letters:

  1. sp __ n __
  2. ch __ __ k
  3. tr __ ch __ __
  4. f __ r __ h __ __ d
  5. wr __ st
  6. th __ mb
  7. t __ __ th
  8. br __ __ n
  9. k __ dn __ y
  10. h __ __ r
  11. m __ scl __
  12. __ y __ br __ w
  13. th __ gh
  14. l __ rynx
  15. v __ __ n
  16. t __ __ n __ __ l
  17. n __ str __ l
  18. __ nt __ st __ n __ s
  19. b __ w __ l
  20. l __ v __ r

Ex. 3.0.11 Speaking & Listening  Complete the table with a partner or small group, then create role plays based on the different patients visiting their doctor. Try to use the functions from Ex. 3.0.3 too:

For homework, students could write up each patient’s notes as a doctor’s report, e.g.
‘Mrs. Jones came to see me on Monday. She had a runny nose and I diagnosed a cold. I told her to rest and encouraged her to drink hot honey and lemon drinks. After two weeks I saw her again and she confirmed that she felt much better…’

Ex. 3.0.12 Writing  Write about a memorable visit to your doctor, dentist, or a stay in hospital. Click here to download and print the worksheet: unit-3-0-writing-exercise-doctor-dentist-hospital.

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