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Learn English online with our free speaking and listening video classes:

Free Speaking and Listening Video Classes:

Big Debates:

What is the Best British Biscuit?     Material 1

What is the Best British Sitcom of All Time?     Material 1



Talk about Summer in English     Material 1

Vocabulary: Television (Discussion Words)    Material 1 | Material 2

Television – Discussion Questions     Material 1 (pp.17-20)

Let’s Discuss Films – Agree or Disagree?

Material 1 (.pptx) | Material 2

Which is Better…?    Material 1 (p.81) | Material 2 (.pptx)



Englishness – Are You English? Quiz    Material 1

England Quiz   Material 1 (.pptx)

Want to Know what the English are REALLY Like?     Material 1

(Live podcast record)



Guess the Date! – Game     Material 1

Calculator Code Words!     Material 1 (pp.65-67)

The Amazing Maze Game     Material 1 (p.81) | Material 2 (.pptx)


Group Work:

Going to the Dentist (Free Short Course)     Material 1

ANT-tastic FREE Ant Fact Activities for your English Classes!

Material 1

Getting your Students to Set Class Rules     Material 1

Using an Object in an ESOL Class     Material 1



How to Make Jokes in English!     Material 1 | Material 2


Mixed Speaking:

Learn English: Elephants     Material 1 (.pptx)



Quiz Time!     Material 1


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