Make Questions from a Text


1. T writes some WH question words and auxiliary verbs on the board, e.g.

The question words T writes will depend on which tenses are in the text. For example, if there are no sentences with ‘can’, SS will not be able to write a question with ‘can’.

2. SS work in pairs or groups and write a question starting with each word based on the text. T monitors, checks, and corrects.

3. Group feedback: one SS from each group or pair reads out their questions, with a short answer for each given by a SS from a different pair or group. T elicits from the rest of the SS, “Are they correct?” If not, discuss why not. Refer back to earlier work done on tenses.


  • Ask SS to write questions beginning with a wide range of different question words, not all WHAT, for example.
  • For homework, and to consolidate learning, SS could write up their questions and answers based on the text.