Restaurants – Discussion Questions for an ESOL Class

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Discuss the following questions about restaurants with a partner or small group:

1. What is your favourite restaurant? Why do you like it? How often do you go there? Who do you usually go with?

2. What do you like to order at a restaurant? Do you always order the same thing?

3. Do you leave a tip for the waiter/waitress when you pay? If yes, how much do you leave? If not, why not?

4. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Would you like to? Why? / Why not? Imagine what a normal shift would be like.

5. Are you an easy customer or a difficult customer? Give examples.

6. Has anything funny or surprising ever happened to you in a restaurant? Tell me about it.

7. Would you like to own a restaurant? Do you think it would be a good investment? Why? / Why not? Why do people set up or buy restaurant businesses?

8. Is restaurant food better than home-cooked food? Are you a good cook? Do you prefer home-cooked food? Why?

9. Have you ever had food poisoning or felt sick after visiting a restaurant? What happened? Tell me about it.

10. Do you like to visit different restaurants while on holiday, or do you stick to the hotel restaurant?

11. Why do we need restaurants? What social / cultural functions do they have?

12. What would happen if there were no more restaurants from next week?

13. Do you prefer small and cosy restaurants to large busy ones? Why? Give reasons.

14. Have you ever complained about the food or service at a restaurant? Tell me about it.

15. If you could have a meal at a restaurant with five famous people (alive or dead), who would you choose and where would you dine? What do you think you would you talk about? Who would be the most fun? Who would refuse to pay the bill? Why?

16. Is it better to work in a restaurant than a shop? Why?

17. Can you guess what my favourite restaurant is?

18. Do you think restaurants should play background music or have a quiet ambience? Why?

19. What is the oddest smell you have ever experienced at a restaurant?

20. Have you ever popped into a restaurant just to use the toilet? Why? Did you get caught? What other funny or forbidden things have you done at a restaurant?

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