Describing Boring Tasks – FREE Worksheet Pack

Describing Boring Tasks – FREE Worksheet Pack

This two-page spread provides a useful sequence of learning activities for students at intermediate level (CEF B2):

  • topics covered include: using discourse markers, e.g. er, so, yeah?, right? etc.; 8 features of standard English speech, such as slang and self-correction
  • speaking and listening: speaking game – ‘No Umming and Ahhing Allowed!’; discussion – describing boring tasks like doing the washing up; interview – pair work
  • grammar: sentence blocks using imperative form
  • more skills covered: reading; writing: describe boring tasks

You can download the free worksheets and full notes for use/answers below.

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Note: this free worksheet pack is in the public domain, so you are welcome to download, copy, print, and share it. You can even sell it – e.g. in digital or print form – and keep all of the profits! Enjoy!

Describing Boring Tasks – FREE Worksheet Pack

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