Learn the English Alphabet

Lesson 1.1 Alphabet

Elementary English for Adults – Learn the English Alphabet

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1.1.1  There are 26 letters in the English alphabet:


1.1.2  There are 21 consonant letters:


and 5 vowel letters:


1.1.3  We use the letters of the alphabet to write words.

1.1.4  How to pronounce the letters of the alphabet, with Clear Alphabet translations:


1.1.5  Vowel sound groups within the English alphabet:



Ex. 1.1.1 Writing  Copy the letters of the alphabet into the boxes below:


Ex. 1.1.2 Writing  Trace the 26 letters of the English alphabet:


Ex. 1.1.3 Writing  Write the 26 letters of the English alphabet:


Ex. 1.1.4 Reading  Which letter is in the wrong place? Draw a circle around it and write the correct letter:


Ex. 1.1.5 Writing  Write the next five letters in each line:

  1. o p  q  r           _________________
  2. m n  o  p          _________________
  3. a b  c  d           _________________
  4. k l  m  n           _________________
  5. r s  t  u             _________________
  6. d e  f  g           _________________
  7. n o  p  q          _________________
  8. q r  s  t            _________________
  9. c d  e  f           _________________
  10. h i  j  k            _________________

Ex. 1.1.6 Writing  Complete each gap with either a lower case or upper case letter:

  1. j k __ m n o
  2. Q R S T __ V
  3. __ G H I J K
  4. e f g h __ j
  5. U __ W X Y Z
  6. a b __ d e f
  7. __ M N O P Q
  8. t u v w x __
  9. B C __ E F G
  10. p q r s __ u



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