FREE Book! PhotocopiaBRILL! 101 worksheets for effective English lessons!

PhotocopiaBRILL! 101 worksheets for effective English lessons!

Containing 101 photocopiable worksheets with answers and notes for use for students and teachers of English, taken from the popular educational resource website Featuring material with a wide variety of content practicing a range of English language skills: grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking and listening, pronunciation, and writing.

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Reviews: what English language teachers are saying about PhotocopiaBRILL!

April Young

PhotocopiaBRILL! is ideal for linking into your lessons, using as quizzes, time-fillers, and even homework. It contains a plethora of fantastic exercises, subjects and informative reminders of those niggling grammar points that our students can’t often get to grips with – my favourite being the vocabulary section, which is informative and useful, ordered into groups, making meaning and use more memorable. I love the pronunciation section, giving students a real insight into pronunciation, stress and intonation. It’s not overbearing or a bottom-of-the-page section in a course book, which is often just skimmed over.

Students will love these ‘no-nonsense’ explanations and exercises, great for peer marking, work-sharing, and clear and concise enough for students to work on their own. Group work can be enhanced through the listening/speaking section by means of discussion, and very interesting conversations – giving students the opportunity to express themselves and become more confident in speaking. It’s level appropriate, from the lower level B1 to higher level B2. This really is a goldmine of exercises for any teacher or student to have in their top drawer. I highly recommend it!

Cyndi Johnson

This is a brilliant resource book that would benefit any student learning English, particularly from the pre-intermediate level up. It strikes the balance between theory and practice well, giving plenty of varied activities on each topic covered. The book delves into important areas that larger publications typically sideline, but which I believe will really help students understand the background of the language they are learning, and be better able to cope with language chunks that help them to progress in their learning. Some of my favourite sections include those on loanwords and the collocations of adjectives and prepositions. As an EFL teacher, I would recommend this book hands-down.

Fiona Wattam  from IELTSetc: /

It’s absolutely packed with real, useable examples and practice, clearly laid out to help busy teachers walk into class and have a thoroughly well-planned lesson in front of them. It will be of enormous benefit to students who will have it to keep forever.

Susan Crabb

What a lovely big collection of grammar explanations this book is! The information is presented clearly with a lovely use of diagrams for students, followed by exercises where they can test their new understanding. There are some very original exercises for students to practice their speaking skills, including the ‘Just Forget It!’ conversations. I had to look up what tardigrades were for the reading exercise, and I’m still not sure they would make good pets! All of these activities will help teachers to present engaging and entertaining lessons and will make lesson planning easier. There are lots of pages of a ‘100 Common…’ word types, which are fun and informative for students and teachers alike.

Matt has, as expected, included football references which go right over my head, though I know how popular this subject is with many students! I particularly love the exercise on conditionals which uses maths to illustrate perfectly how the zero conditional works, and the section on adjectives which shows how they can be used, along with clear, easy to understand diagrams. This is a great book made all the better by being truly photocopiable, which is something that every teacher loves. I would be very happy to have a copy of this to use in my lessons, and I’ll happily recommend it to my colleagues.

Mgr. Tímea Kolberová, PhD.  from peira.english:

Teachers and students alike know that there are countless study materials available online. However, many of them are of questionable quality, which is especially harmful to students studying alone. For this reason, I am delighted to state that PhotocopiaBRILL! is far more than just a collection of printable worksheets from one of the many resource websites on the internet, and its 101 photocopiable worksheets are suitable both for self-study and learning with a teacher. It is a reliable and comprehensive selection of study materials featuring the topics of grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking, listening, pronunciation, and writing. Excellent teachers know how to identify the problems students face, and they are able to understand their needs and interests. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, PhotocopiaBRILL! demonstrates that Matt Purland is one of those teachers. He has managed to come up with a compelling comparison of tenses, with all the possible time phrases, that enables students to learn, revise, and compare the grammar structures with ease.

To say that PhotocopiaBRILL! is BRILLiant may be an understatement, because it is filled with ingenious ideas, such as thinking about conditional statements as family members in different moods! The book reflects Matt Purland’s belief that challenging and fun activities contribute positively to the learning environment and affect the students’ motivation to learn English. My personal favourites are the part with ‘100 adjective + preposition collocations’ and the tardigrade quiz. PhotocopiaBRILL! contains 101 pages of well thought out and engaging study material, so if you are a busy English teacher or a student looking for interesting exercises, you should get yourself a copy!

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FREE Book! PhotocopiaBRILL! 101 worksheets for effective English lessons!

FREE Book! PhotocopiaBRILL! 101 worksheets for effective English lessons!