Quick Christmas Quiz for ESOL Students!

With just a few days to go before the BIG DAY, why not try our quick Christmas quiz with your ESOL or English language students in class? You could give big festive prizes for the best answers…!

1. What is the date of Christmas Day?
2. Who brings presents for children?
3. Tell me three Christmas songs, and sing a few lines from each.
4. Tell me the names of four people connected with Christmas.
5. Tell me three things that you usually do on Christmas Day.
6. Tell me three presents that you have already bought for other people – or that you’re planning to buy.
7. Tell me two presents that you would like to receive this Christmas.
8. Tell me something that is always on TV at this time of year.
9. Tell me four things that you could find on a Christmas tree.
10. When is New Year’s Eve? How will you be spending it?
11. What is a cracker?
12. Tell me four things that you only ever eat at Christmas time.
13. Tell me three things that might cause an argument in your house at Christmas time.
14. Who is St. Nicholas better known as?
15. Who has a red nose in the famous Christmas song?


1. 25th December.
2. Father Christmas (UK), Santa Claus (USA).
3-8. Answers will vary.
9. Answers will vary, for example: baubles, tinsel, angel, star, etc.
10. 31st December. Answers will vary.
11. A long festive table decoration that you pull with somebody else. Inside there is usually a paper hat, a motto or joke, and a small gift.
12. Answers will vary.
13. Answers will vary.
14. Father Christmas (UK), Santa Claus (USA).
15. Rudolph (the Red-Nosed Reindeer).

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