Lesson 6.0 Introduction

Lesson 6.0 Introduction

6.0.1  This unit is called Shopping. We are going to learn about the following topics:

  1. Adjectives
  2. First Conditional
  3. Second Conditional
  4. Adverbs + Adverbs – Exercises
  5. Going Shopping
  6. There is / There are
  7. Vowel and Consonant Clusters


Ex. 6.0.1 Speaking and Listening  Discuss the following questions with a partner or small group:

Discussion Questions – Shopping

Listen along to the audio version read by the author Matt Purland [MP3]:

Ex. 6.0.2 Writing  Here are 40 words connected with the topic of Shopping. Translate them into your first language and learn them:

  1. aisle_________________
  2. local shop_________________
  3. customer_________________
  4. groceries_________________
  5. cash_________________
  6. car park_________________
  7. debit card_________________
  8. price_________________
  9. market_________________
  10. till_________________
  11. sale_________________
  12. way in_________________
  13. promotion_________________
  14. checkout assistant_________________
  15. scales_________________
  16. trolley_________________
  17. change_________________
  18. restaurant_________________
  19. checkout_________________
  20. express lane_________________
  21. queue_________________
  22. manager_________________
  23. supermarket_________________
  24. pence_________________
  25. shelf_________________
  26. bag_________________
  27. cash point_________________
  28. receipt_________________
  29. lift_________________
  30. shopping centre_________________
  31. pounds_________________
  32. way out_________________
  33. bench_________________
  34. refund_________________
  35. delicatessen_________________
  36. money_________________
  37. shop_________________
  38. escalator_________________
  39. opening times_________________
  40. frozen food_________________

Listen along to the audio version read by the author Matt Purland [MP3]:

You could use the question sheet below to practise this vocabulary:

Vocabulary Question Sheet - Shopping

Listen along to the audio version read by the author Matt Purland [MP3]:

Ex. 6.0.3 Speaking and Listening  Work with a partner or small group. Study the vocabulary above and think of some real-life situations where you could use the following functions; then create short dialogues or role plays based on the topic of Shopping:

  • allow
  • advise
  • complain
  • refuse

Ex. 6.0.4 Research  Get to Know UK Shops – What do they Sell? 1

Get to Know UK Shops – What do they Sell? 1

Ex. 6.0.5 Research  Get to Know UK Shops – What do they Sell? 2

Get to Know UK Shops – What do they Sell? 2

Ex. 6.0.6 Research  What Can I Buy . . . ? 1. Write at least three things that you can buy in each of the following places. If you can’t buy anything, write a short sentence saying what you can do there:

bank __________________________________________________
butcher __________________________________________________
car park __________________________________________________
charity shop __________________________________________________
chemist __________________________________________________
church __________________________________________________
clothes shop __________________________________________________
dental surgery __________________________________________________
greengrocer’s __________________________________________________
hospital __________________________________________________
mosque __________________________________________________
newsagent __________________________________________________
off-licence __________________________________________________
optician’s __________________________________________________
petrol station __________________________________________________
pub __________________________________________________
restaurant __________________________________________________
supermarket __________________________________________________
surgery __________________________________________________
synagogue __________________________________________________

Ex. 6.0.7 Research  What Can I Buy . . . ? 2. Write at least three things that you can buy in each of the following places. If you can’t buy anything, write a short sentence saying what you can do there:

bingo hall __________________________________________________
café __________________________________________________
carpet shop __________________________________________________
car showroom __________________________________________________
catalogue shop __________________________________________________
cathedral __________________________________________________
cinema __________________________________________________
department store __________________________________________________
discount store __________________________________________________
DIY store __________________________________________________
garden centre __________________________________________________
jeweller’s __________________________________________________
night club __________________________________________________
old people’s home __________________________________________________
post office __________________________________________________
sandwich shop __________________________________________________
social club __________________________________________________
swimming pool __________________________________________________
theatre __________________________________________________
undertaker’s __________________________________________________

Ex. 6.0.8 Spelling  Find the Missing Syllables – Hit the Shops! Look at the words and phrases below. They are all to do with going shopping and each one has a syllable missing. Choose an appropriate syllable to complete each word or phrase:

1. shop – ____________________ cen – tre
2. buil – ding ____________________ – ci – et – y
3. car ____________________
4. ____________________ – out
5. chang – ____________________ rooms
6. home ____________________ – liv – er – y
7. gift vou – ____________________
8. in – ter – ____________________ shop – ping
9. mar – ____________________
10. ____________________ – ley
11. su – ____________________ – mar – ket
12. fif – ty per – cent ____________________
13. de – part – ____________________ store
14. fast food ____________________ – au – rant
15. es – ca – ____________________ – tor
16. sales as – sis – ____________________
17. cre – dit ____________________
18. re – ____________________
19. cat – ____________________ – logue
20. cus – ____________________ – mer

Extra time:

Put the words into groups according to how many syllables they have – two, three, four, five
or six.

Ex. 6.0.9 Spelling  Beat the Spell-checker – Shopping List. Read the shopping list. Look at the words that have been highlighted by the spell-checker. Write the correct spelling underneath each highlighted word:

Ex. 6.0.10 Reading  Our Shopping Trip to Birmingham. Complete each gap in the story below using any word or phrase that fits. Miranda has e-mailed her new pen pal Amy:

I went to Birmingham last week on the 1. ________________. I went with my mum and my sister Gemma. The main reason we went was to do some 2. ________________ at the Bull Ring. It’s a new shopping centre and looks really 3. ________________. We got the 9.24am train from Derby and it didn’t take long because it was a 4. ________________ one. I read a book on the way and played a game with my 5. ________________. We tried to count how many 6.________________ there were in each carriage of the train.

When we got to 7. ________________ the station was really busy. I was worried about getting
8.________________ because there were so many people. We went up an escalator and then outside into the street. We met Meeta, one of my mum’s friends. She was taking her son to
9.________________ and they couldn’t talk for long because they were late. She works part-time in a gym as a 10. ________________. It was raining heavily outside so we had to run down New Street, turn right and dash straight into the Bull Ring centre. The first shop we went into was Selfridges. Mum wanted to go there because she thinks it’s posh and there isn’t one in Derby. She 11. _______________ some new red shoes. Gemma and I had a good look around the toy department, but we didn’t 12. ________________ anything.

After going to a few more shops, including Principles, Debenhams and Gap, we were all pretty
13.________________, so we bought some sandwiches at a shop which was called, funnily enough, “EAT”! We sat outside under some 14. ________________, because the sun had come out and it was getting quite hot. Gemma got upset because she dropped her
15.________________ on the floor and it went everywhere! I was trying really hard not to laugh because it was so funny!

In the afternoon we went to some more shops and found a few great 16. ________________ for my dad and Auntie Carol. It was my auntie’s birthday on Monday and it will be dad’s next week. We bought dad some nice aftershave from Boots and Gemma and I got him a new
17.________________ for his computer as well. Mum also bought him a present, but she wouldn’t tell us what it was – she said it was a surprise!

We walked all round Birmingham and ended up back at New Street station at about half past four. Gemma and I wanted to go to the Sea Life Centre, because Gemma was desperate to see the 18.________________, but mum said that we didn’t have time. We had to get back home before seven o’clock because Gemma was going to Brownies at half-past. We got back to Derby at about quarter past six. The train was ten minutes late! It 19. ________________ at three different stations on the way back, including Burton-on-Trent, where my friends Jonathan and Amanda live. When we got home I felt really tired, so I just 20. ________________ on my Nintendo DS for a while, watched TV with mum, and went to bed earlier than usual. You won’t believe it but I had a dream all about the Bull Ring shopping centre!

Ex. 6.0.11 Speaking and Listening  Work with a partner or small group to create role plays or dialogues based on the following situations:

Ex. 6.0.12 Speaking and Listening  Here are some more role plays on the topic of Shopping that you could practise with a partner or small group:

a) Buying a ham and cheese roll:

Scene: a sandwich shop. Rhona works in the shop. Jim is a customer

Rhona : Hello. What would you like?
Jim: Do you do ham and cheese rolls?
Rhona : Yes. Would you like mayonnaise?
Jim: No thanks.
Rhona : Would you like to eat in or take it away?
Jim: I’ll eat in.
Rhona : (handing him the roll) There you go. That’ll be two pounds sixty pence, please.
Jim: (handing Rhona the money) Thanks a lot.
Rhona : (handing Jim the change) There you are.
Jim: Thanks.

b) Buying a CD:

Scene: a music shop. Bob works in the shop. Sue is a customer

Sue: Hi. I’m looking for Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits.
Bob: It’ll be in the Rock Music section. Let’s go and have a look.
Sue: I couldn’t see it anywhere.
Bob: No, I don’t think we’ve got it. Would you like me to order it for
Sue: No. Don’t worry. I’ll have a look somewhere else. Thanks
Bob: No problem.

c) Taking something back to a shop:

Scene: a clothes shop. Tom works in the shop. Joe is a customer

Joe: Hi there. I bought this pair of trousers from you last week. Is it
possible to change them for the next size up?
Tom: They’re too small?
Joe: Yes, they’re a bit tight.
Tom: OK. I’ll have a look for you and see if we’ve got the next size.
Joe: Thanks.

Tom goes and gets the next size of trousers

Tom: Here we are. These are the next size up. Would you like to try
them on?
Joe: Yes, I’d like to make sure they fit this time.
Tom: OK. The fitting room is over there.
Joe: Cheers.

d) Buying some stamps:

Scene: a post office. Lee works in the post office. Sarah is a customer

Sarah: Hi. Can I have twelve stamps please?
Lee: Yes, would you like first or second class?
Sarah: First class please.
Lee: There you are (he gives Sarah the stamps). Would you like
anything else?
Sarah: No thanks. That’s all.
Lee: That’s eight pounds and four pee, please.
Sarah: (giving Lee the money) Thank you.
Lee: Here’s your change. Thanks a lot. Bye.
Sarah: Bye.

Ex. 6.0.13 Spelling  Going Shopping. Send your students out and about for an hour or two with this fun shopping trail! Note: this worksheet was designed for use with students in the UK, but can easily be adapted:

Ex. 6.0.14 Writing  Write an advert for a new or existing product. Download and print the worksheet below (PDF):