Moz the Monster – Comprehension Questions for English Classes

Moz the Monster – Comprehension Questions for English Classes

Moz the Monster is the huge blue star of the latest heart-warming John Lewis Christmas advert, who causes sleepless nights for a young boy named Joe. Watch the short film and answer the questions with a partner or group. Answers are provided below!

  1. What colour is Moz the Monster?
  2. Is Joe afraid of Moz?
  3. What design is on Joe’s rug?
  4. How many times does Joe fall asleep when he shouldn’t? When?
  5. What colour is Joe’s football?
  6. How many Christmas products are featured in the film? What are they?
  7. What position does Joe play in the football match?
  8. Name at least three things on the boy’s bedroom wall.
  9. What is the pattern on the boy’s duvet?
  10. What class are the family? How can you tell?
  11. Why does Moz annoy Joe to begin with?
  12. What does Joe write on the poster on his bedroom door?
  13. How can Joe’s sister sleep soundly while he cannot?
  14. Describe Moz’s appearance. Why is he cuddly rather than scary?
  15. What games do Joe and Moz play together?
  16. Do Joe and Moz play football during the advert?
  17. Who wrapped the present from Moz?
  18. What three things does Joe ask for in his letter to Santa?
  19. How old is Joe and his sister?
  20. When does Moz realise there is a problem with their nightly playtimes?
  21. What is different about the wrapping on Moz’s present?
  22. What time is it when Moz puts Joe to bed?
  23. What present does Joe receive from Moz? How does it help to solve the problem?
  24. What is under the bed at the end of the film?
  25. What is the hashtag that supports the ad campaign?
  26. Has Moz disappeared at the end of the film? Why? / Why not? If not, is the whole film then completely pointless?
  27. The film is not about Moz ‘getting back home’. So how is the music relevant?
  28. What could have caused Joes’ sleep problem in the first place?
  29. Do Joe’s parents know about Moz?
  30. What is the advert’s tagline?


1. Blue with a gold nose. 2. Yes, at first, then annoyed about the noise, then they become friends. 3. A large star. 4. Four times. At the barber’s, during the football match, while writing a letter to Santa, while playing battleships. 5. Yellow and black. 6. Answers will vary. For example, night lights, bedding, nightwear, soft toys, etc. 7. Goalkeeper. 8. Answers will vary. For example, a picture of a monster; a map of the world; a picture of a dinosaur. 9. Pictures of planets, stars, and outer space. 10. They are probably upper middle class, because they are well-dressed and live in a luxurious home with beautiful furniture. Also, the ad is for John Lewis! 11. Because his snoring means he can’t sleep. 12. ‘No Monsters Allowed!!!’ 13. Answers will vary, e.g. she has a nightlight / she is older and has dealt with her fear of the dark, etc. 14. Because the advert is aimed at families and children; to sell toys based on Moz. 15. Racing cars; piggy-back riding; battleships. 16. No. 17. We don’t know, but his mum looks like she knows something about it! 18. A fire engine, a football, and a dragon. 19. Answers may vary. For example, Joe is 7 and his sister is 9 or 10. 20. When Joe falls asleep at night during their playtime, as well as during the day. 21. It’s an untidy parcel wrapped in brown paper and string. 22. 1am. 23. A space-themed night light. It works because we know that monsters under the bed disappear in the light! 24. A few toys and… Moz the Monster – but only in the dark! 25. #MozTheMonster. 26. No, he is still there. The film is not pointless, because it concludes that, thanks to the new nightlight, it is Joe’s choice whether Moz appears or not. In other words, he has conquered his fear of the dark. 27. The lyrics of the song do not really connect with the plot, because it makes it appear that Moz wants to go home, but the story does not support that idea. 28. Answers will vary, e.g. getting excited about Christmas; loneliness, etc. 29. Answers will vary, e.g. perhaps they know and wrapped up the parcel in the style of a monster. 30. ‘For gifts that brighten their world’.

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