Speaking and Listening Activities List




Syllabi  –  Speaking and Listening Activities List

Use activities from this list, along with what has been learned from the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation input in each unit, to practice the speaking and listening tasks.

This list represents a wide range of speaking and listening activities and techniques, but feel free to use your own ideas too! Below most of the activities are links to instructions and further resources:


A Day in the Life of…

A Day in the Life of… – Method


Agree or Disagree?

Agree or Disagree? – Method

TALE-H pp.9.1-9.6 How to Use Agree or Disagree Resources

Free Intermediate Speaking and Listening Worksheets – Agree or Disagree?

DQ pp.12-14 Agree or Disagree? – Instructions



YATCB LP p.124 Random Sentence Starters

How to Look and Sound More Confident (FREE Infographic)



How to Hold a Debate in an English Class




Describe your Favourite…


Design Your Own…

Design Your Own… – Method



Brian Mattison’s Spoken English Classes #1 – Films

Brian Mattison’s Spoken English Classes #2 – London

Practice IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 – with Brian Mattison!

Talk About Your Country – with Brian Mattison

Talk About Money – with Brian Mattison and Friend

Talk About Summer – with Brian Mattison

Talk About Breakfast – with Brian Mattison + Robbie



Discussion – Method

TALE-H pp.8.1-8.2 How to Use Discussion Questions Resources

Ideas for a Fun Discussion Class – Video Class

NEW! Free Book – Discussion Questions for English Classes

YATCB LP p.108 Discussion Words – Blank Template (40 Words)

YATCB LP p.109 Discussion Words – Blank Template (20 Words)

DQ pp.6-9 Discussion Questions – Instructions

DQ p.10-11 Discussion Questions – Write Your Own Questions (Blank Forms)

DQ p.17 200 Interesting Topics to Discuss during an English Class

DQ pp.18-19 10 Discussion Question Starters

DQ p.20 Discussion Question Starters – Cheat Sheet



Team Building Games – Part 1

Team Building Games – Part 2

BAB pp.86-91 Games for the Classroom

BAB p.85 Blank Bingo Cards

YATCB LP p.115 Bingo Statements

YATCB LP p.116 Blank Bingo Cards

TALE-H p.5.30-5.33 Talk a Lot Bingo

TALE-H p.5.9-5.29 Big Word Game

How to Make Your Own Board Game (Instructions)

Design a Board Game

YATCB LP p.114 Make Your Own Dice


Have You Ever…?



Improvisation Games – Part 1

Improvisation Games – Part 2

YATCB LP p.126 What’s Just Happened?


Information Exchange

TALE-H pp.6.1-6.3 How to Use Information Exchange Resources





Monologue – Method



Obviousness – Method

YATCB LP p.123 Obviousness Card Game

DQ pp.15-16 The Alien Game (Obviousness) – Instructions and Cards



How to Give a Small Group or Individual Presentation (blank outline)

How to Give a Small Group or Individual Presentation (example and notes)

Teaching Blog: Cartoon Stories – Pair Presentations

Group Work: Make a Presentation: Birthday Presents



Pair or Small Group Project – Method



It’s All About You! – Pair Questionnaires

Pair Questionnaires – Blank Template



Quick Quiz Template


Role Play

Role Play – Method

YATCB LP p.128 Role Plays – Mood Chart

YATCB LP p.129 Character Types (Opposites)

PPRR (Person, Problem, Reason, Resolution) – Role Play

TALE-H pp.10.1-10.4 How to Use Role Play Resources


Show and Tell



Class Survey – Method

Class Survey – Blank Template


Talk about a Picture

Picture Story


Tell a Story

Creative Writing with Story Prompts

FREE Podcast! Story Planning – My Life Without…

BAB p.90 The Instant Story Generator


Topic Template

Topic Template – Method


Video Commentary

Video Commentary – Method

Using a Video Text


What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? – Method

TALI 1 pp.15-16 What Would You Do? – Instructions



Syllabi  –  Speaking and Listening Activities List