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20 English Idioms with DREAM

20 English Idioms with DREAM

20 English Idioms with DREAM

20 English Idioms with DREAM

Do you often find yourself living in a dream world? Do you have big plans for the future, but your friends tell you to ‘Dream on‘? Are your future goals merely a pipe dream, or will you dare to dream and dream out loud – then eventually end up living the dream? Maybe this list of 20 English idioms with DREAM will be a dream come true for you? 

Whatever your dreams and aspirations, this handy list of 20 English idioms with DREAM will help you better understand common English expressions with the word dream!

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1. idiom: Live in a dream world.

literal meaning: Not accept the reality of a situation.

example: ‘I just want my own place, dad.’ ‘But you don’t understand how expensive it’s gonna be – how will you afford all the bills and Council Tax and so on? You’re living in a dream world.’


2. idiom: Walk around in a dream.

literal meaning: Be unable to focus on anything.

example: Ever since my brother met his new girlfriend, he’s been walking around in a dream. He’s totally besotted.


3. idiom: Be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

literal meaning: Be richer than you ever imagined.

example: If this horse wins tomorrow, we’ll be rich beyond our wildest dreams!


4. idiom: Never in my wildest dreams!

literal meaning: An unexpected event.

example: Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to get this promotion!


5. idiom: In your dreams!

literal meaning: You will never achieve it.

example: ‘Let me take you out for a drink, Clara.’ ‘In your dreams!


6. idiom: Be just a pipe dream.

literal meaning: It has zero chance of happening.

example: ‘Uncle Jack, why have you given up tennis? I thought you wanted to win that championship.’ ‘No, lad, it was always just a pipe dream.’


7. idiom: I wouldn’t dream of [it / gerund].

literal meaning: I would never do it.

example: ‘And don’t be rude about Jonny’s new hairpiece when he arrives. He’s very sensitive about it.’ ‘I wouldn’t dream of it.


8. idiom: A girl / a boy can dream.

literal meaning: It’s unlikely but fun to dream about.

example: ‘I really don’t think that Michael Bublé is going to see you in the crowd and invite you up on stage for a dance.’ ‘A girl can dream.


9. idiom: It’s a ____ [e.g. chef]’s dream.

literal meaning: It’s ideal for a ____ [e.g. chef].

example: This new mixer is so easy to use – it’s a chef’s dream.


10. idiom: My new car goes like a dream.

literal meaning: My new car drives really smoothly.

example: Come and have a drive with me in my new motor. It goes like a dream!


11. idiom: Get your dream job.

literal meaning: Get the job you’ve always wanted.

example: Pauline was fired from working as a lunchtime supervisor, then, a few weeks later, got her dream job – as a taster at a chocolate factory!


12. idiom: Be love’s young dream.

literal meaning: Be a cute young couple in love.

example: ‘Look at my cousin Roy and his new girlfriend, Mandy.’ ‘They look very much in love.’ ‘Yes, you could say they’re love’s young dream.’


13. idiom: Be dreamy.

literal meaning: Be rather attractive.

example: That guy Karl in your class is so dreamy. Do you know if he’s got a girlfriend?


14. idiom: Sweet dreams!

literal meaning: Sleep well!

example: ‘I’m off to bed, mum.’ ‘OK, sweetheart. Night night. Sweet dreams!


15. idiom: Dream up something.

literal meaning: Invent something.

example: ‘Your husband Barry’s been locked in his garden shed for two days.’ ‘I know. I wonder what he’s dreaming up now.’


16. idiom: Dare to dream.

literal meaning: Be confident of future success.

example: ‘I don’t know if we’ll get into the cup final, but I really hope so, dad!’ ‘You never know. You’ve gotta think positive. Dare to dream, kid.’


17. idiom: Dream out loud!

literal meaning: Don’t just dream – make it happen!

example: ‘I’ve always wanted to sing on stage, but I don’t know how to start.’ ‘It’s great to have dreams, but you need to take action too. Dream out loud! There’s an audition for the school show on Monday. Will you do it?’


18. idiom: Be a dream come true.

literal meaning: Be an unexpected but terrific result.

example: Finally getting the keys to our new house feels like a dream come true!


19. idiom: Be a dream team.

literal meaning: Work very well together.

example: ‘I’ve selected Alison and Nicki for the chess tournament. Truly our best players, don’t you think?’ ‘Ah yes! The dream team!’


20. idiom: Live the dream.

literal meaning: Have the life you always wanted.

example: ‘Yes – I packed in my boring job, sold my flat, bought a ticket to Manila, and I’ve been travelling ever since.’ ‘Sounds like you are truly living the dream!’ ‘Absolutely!’

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