How to Get Your To-Do List Done Faster

How to Get Your To-Do List Done Faster – Without Hiring an Assistant

We all get overloaded from time to time. We all feel like we have too much to do and aren’t getting anything done. On certain days, we all wish we had our own assistant to run errands, go to the bank, workout—or even just take an extra breath.

But, like me, you probably can’t afford to hire a personal assistant, which means that you have to figure out how to make better use of your time, and listen to your body, too. For example, you might think just pushing yourself through with no break is the best way to conquer any to-do list. But your body, your mind, and your emotions need a break—even if it seems like they don’t.

The break analogy is true for tasks such as email too. Checking it every time your inbox dings isn’t good for you and your work load.

What else can you do to manage your time better? This infographic explains it all.

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How to Get Your To-Do List Done Faster—Without Hiring an Assistant

Via Salesforce