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Play Cut the Rope: Magic

NEW Game! Play Cut the Rope: Magic

Do you love puzzle games that you can play on your laptop, tablet, or phone?

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It’s the wonderful Cut the Rope: Magic.

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NEW Game! Play Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope: Magic – screenshot

Here’s one of my favourite things to write about – things that didn’t work! This is a request for ideas from Teacher James and others. James mentioned using the Pacific North-west Tree Octopus site as a good resource for talking about fake news. There are a lot of lesson plans online for using this site […]

via My tree octopus fake news fail — ELT planning

12 English Idioms about Climate Change

Here are 12 English idioms about climate change for you to discuss with your class

12 English Idioms about Climate Change

  1. a life-and-death situation
  2. to not be able to get your head around sth (something)
  3. to be getting out of hand
  4. to see with your own eyes
  5. to be running out of time
  6. to be between a rock and a hard place
  7. to make sth up
  8. to be a drop in the ocean
  9. to be a lot of hot air (about nothing)
  10. to be a storm in a teacup
  11. to be not bothered about sth
  12. to be (a bit) over the top / OTT

Listen to Matt discuss these idioms in this free Facebook Live English class:

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by Liz Walter Collocation, or the way we put words together, is a very important part of English. In this post, I am going to look at some of the most common mistakes learners make with verb + noun collocations. If you make these errors, people will still understand you, but your English will not sound […]

via Making an effort and telling a joke: avoiding common errors with collocations — About Words – Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog

A 5-Step Reading Strategy For Students - Infographic

A 5-Step Reading Strategy For Students – Infographic

A 5-Step Reading Strategy For Students – Infographic from

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In this OUP blog post from March 2017, we briefly described 5 key stages that we could usefully take when carrying out action research into what happens in our own classrooms. Finding the focus Identifying the tools Carrying out the research Analysing the information Taking action In this webinar… we will be exploring the options…

via Researching the classroom | Martyn Clarke — Oxford University Press

Free English Class - Life of Moses

FREE English Class Tonight!

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I will be discussing the amazing life of Moses via some brand new free printable worksheets that you can download.

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All welcome.

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Most lessons go well, thank goodness, and it’s a wonderful thing to have time fly and end a lesson knowing that something meaningful was accomplished. A good lesson leaves my heart happy and my mind already focused on planning the next steps forward. A stumble here and there fills me with determination to make things […]

via 1 Mistake I Still Make with Lesson Plans and 3 Ways I Fix It — English with Jennifer