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How to Pronounce Regular Verbs in English (FREE mp3)

How to Pronounce Regular Verbs in English (FREE mp3)

Learn how to pronounce regular verbs in English with this free mp3 download of the Facebook class from 5th September 2018.

Click below to listen.


Right-click here to download the mp3 file: How to Pronounce Regular Verbs in English (FREE mp3)

The main points from the class were:

  • We spend more time in class focusing on irregular verbs that regular verbs
  • All regular verbs are spelled with  ‘ed’ at the end
  • We need to remember how to pronounce this suffix. There are three ways:
  • If a verb ends with a  t  or  d  sound we pronounce an extra syllable:  uhd
  • If a verb ends with a vowel sound or a voiced consonant sound we pronounce  d
  • If a verb ends with an unvoiced consonant sound we pronounce  t
  • It’s important not to mix up  d  and  t. If you do, you can end up with a different word, e.g. played > plate, which can result in miscommunication

You can watch the video here.

Download the FREE Big Grammar Book 2, which is mentioned in the class, here.

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by Liz Walter My last post looked at phrasal and prepositional verbs connected with starting arguments and what happens during arguments. Today I’ll start with describing other people’s involvement in an argument and then go on to talking about what happens when an argument is over.

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