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The English Alphabet - Podcast

FREE Podcast! Episode 17 – The English Alphabet

Please join me for a (slightly!) windy walk as I talk about the English alphabet and why you should know how to pronounce it and write it (with capital and small letters) – whatever your level! You can find the material mentioned in the podcast here:

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Episode 6 - At the Airport

Episode 6 – Signs and Notices at the Airport – FREE Podcast!

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The signs and notices at the airport were:

1. departures.

2. ATM.

3. bag drop.

4. special assistance.

5. trolley return.

6. international arrivals.

7. information.

8. toilets.

9. shops and restaurants

10. reserved seating

11. customer service

12. welcome to Stansted Airport

13. fast track

14. valet reception

15. train departures

16. organic coffee

17. do not enter

18. lifts

19. taxi booking desk

20. exit