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Download our fabulous FREE printable worksheets and use them with your English classes. PDF files can be opened with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


How Much Do You Know about Social Networks? – True/False Quiz



Talking about a Song in an ESOL Class



50 common false friends in English and Polish


Intermediate Worksheet Packs:

Getting Away from it All! – FREE Worksheet Pack

Work Getting You Down? – FREE Worksheet Pack

The Work Fun Day – FREE Worksheet Pack

Time Travelling Job Swap – FREE Worksheet Pack

A Different Language – FREE Worksheet Pack

English is a Big Boiling Pot of Delicious Steaming-Hot Word Stew! – FREE Worksheet Pack

Describing Boring Tasks – FREE Worksheet Pack

The Hare and the Tortoise – FREE Worksheet Pack


Complete Short Courses:

FREE Short Course for ESOL: Going to the Dentist


Raw Materials:

Raw Materials – Discussion Words

Raw Materials – Discussion Questions – Page 1

Raw Materials – Discussion Questions – Page 2

Raw Materials – English Idioms

Raw Materials – Free Podcast Lesson



100 Adjective and Preposition Collocations

Troubling Tenses – What’s the Best Time? 1


Discussion Questions:

Social Networks – Discussion Questions

Restaurants – Discussion Questions for an ESOL Class

Graffiti and Street Art – Discussion Questions

Free Reading Pack – The Businessman and the Fisherman

Moz the Monster – Discussion Questions for English Classes

Moz the Monster – Comprehension Questions for English Classes


Free Lesson Plans:

Reading Comprehension: First non-stop scheduled flight from Australia to Britain

Create Your Own Bakery

Teaching Blog: Weather Presentations

Teaching Blog: Choosing Presents – Pair Presentations




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