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100 Adjective + Preposition Collocations (Ordered by Preposition)

100 Adjective + Preposition Collocations – 4 Free Worksheets and Podcast

Listen to the podcast and download the four brand new free printable adjective and preposition worksheets:


100 Adjective + Preposition Collocations (Ordered by Preposition):

100 Adjective + Preposition Collocations (A-Z List):

100 Adjective + Preposition Collocations (A-Z List – Gap-Fill):

100 Adjective + Preposition Collocations – Patterns:

Big Grammar Book 2

FREE Podcast! Complete the Sentences (Listening Practice)

Let’s practise our listening skills with this fun activity – Complete the Sentences – which is adapted from the free Big Grammar Book 2. Download it for free now from: https://purlandtraining.com/free-books/free-big-grammar-book-2-by-matt-purland/

Matt Purland – One of the First Teacherpreneurs!

Check out my recent interview with teacherpreneur (teacher/entrepreneur) Patrice Palmer here:


Here is a sample from the interview:


What is your biggest challenge as a teacher?


Sometimes it can be hard for teachers to remain interested in the subject that they are teaching, especially if, for example, it’s the hundredth time they have explained present simple tense that month! I get over this by having the students do most of the work in the lesson time. Instead of dictating to them what they have to learn, I encourage them to discover the language points by being active in the classroom, working in pairs and small groups, doing projects, and writing on the board. When students produce in class, rather than reading a dreary course book, every class is different, because every student is unique. I developed the teaching method You Are The Course Book recently, and this really helps to stop me from becoming bored or jaded in the classroom!

Read the whole interview here:


Thanks, Patrice, for featuring me on your blog!

You can find out more about going from a teacher to a teacherpreneur with Patrice’s Advanced Skills Course here: