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How to Use Present Perfect in English (Video Class)

How to Use Present Perfect (Video Class)

How to Use Present Perfect (Video Class)

Find out how to use present perfect in English, and why we use it with this fabulous video from Emma Jakobi at mmmEnglish. Check out her website here. It’s delicious!

If you would like to learn more, why not check out the Purland Training guide to present perfect and present perfect continuous!

Troubling Tenses – What’s the Best Time? 1

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Practise everyday tenses – including past simple and present perfect – with this free grammar practice exercise!

Complete each sentence with one of these words or phrases:

1. We’ve walked a long way _______________, haven’t we?
2. Tom hurt himself while rollerblading _______________.
3. We’re having dinner at a nice restaurant _______________.
4. I bought some fresh bananas at the market _______________.
5. I get the bus at 6am _______________.
6. A new bookshop opened in the city centre _______________.
7. We will bake a delicious cake for grandma’s birthday ______________.
8. I chat with my friend at the bus stop _______________.
9. Claire is getting off the train _______________.
10. Sarah has had a really good day _______________.
11.They’ll finish work at five o’clock ___________ and then go for a meal.
12.I have been to the doctor’s ___________, because I’ve got a bad cold.
13.George will wear a tie to his cousin’s funeral.
14.Paul has cereal and milk for his breakfast _______________.
15.I’m listening to the radio _______________.

For answers check out the free Big Grammar Book 2.

NEW! Podcast – What are Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous?

It’s grammar time!

Please join me as I discuss two tenses that are nobody’s favourites: Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous! Yes, it has to be done! 🙂

Click below to listen:

Listen and download the free MP3 lesson: What are Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous? (21 MB, Google Drive)

For more information about Present Perfect click here.

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Using Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran to Teach English Grammar

In this podcast we explore using the popular song Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran in an English class. We look at the use of tenses in the song – especially past simple, used to/would + infinitive, and present perfect.

Download free MP3 lesson: Using Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran to Teach English Grammar (12MB, Google Drive)

You can watch the video for Castle on the Hill below and read the lyrics here:

The questions that I wrote on the board:

Board Questions

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Using Present Perfect Tense 1

Complete the sentences by adding the past participle for each infinitive verb in

1. I’ve (be) ____________________ to France twice.
2. I have (complete) ____________________ three computer courses.
3. He hasn’t (speak) ____________________ to his bank manager since June.
4. They have just (leave) ____________________ the building.
5. I haven’t (eat) ____________________ Chinese food before.
6. I think Jim has (have) ____________________ enough of Lauren.
7. Ben has (drive) ____________________ 300 miles in the past two days.
8. We haven’t (sell) ____________________ many ice creams this week.
9. They have never (ask) ____________________ their parents for any help.
10. I’ve just (see) ____________________ that bag at a lower price in a different
11. I think the manager has (offer) ____________________ him a job.
12. We have (make) ____________________ a dozen cakes for the party.
13. Has he (clean) ____________________ the car yet?
14. How long have you (live) ____________________ in the UK?
15. I have never (hear) ____________________ of that play. Is it any good?

(Source: FREE Big Resource Book, by Matt Purland – download it here)

Answers: 1. been. 2. completed. 3. spoken. 4. left. 5. eaten. 6. had. 7. driven. 8. sold.
9. asked. 10. seen. 11. offered. 12. made. 13. cleaned. 14. lived. 15. heard.