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New resource books for teachers of English, ESL and EFL

FREE Podcast! Episode 25 – Two Great New Books for Teachers!

Listen to my book review of two new releases from Alphabet Publishing!

I review two brand new resource books for teachers from Alphabet Publishing:

Successful Group Work: 13 Activities to Teach Teamwork Skills – by Patrice Palmer:

http://www.alphabetpublishingbooks.com/book/successful-group-work/Successful Group Work - by Patrice Palmer

and Classroom Community Builders – by Walton Burns:

http://www.alphabetpublishingbooks.com/book/classroom-community-builders/Classroom Community Builders - by Walton Burns

Both books are out in July 2017, and you can get hold of them here:


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Patrice Palmer

FREE Podcast! Episode 10 – Teacher to Teacherpreneur – Interview with Patrice Palmer!

In this special episode, I spend a fascinating half hour chatting with educator Patrice Palmer about her life, work, and how teachers can go from teacher to teacherpreneur!

Check out Patrice’s websites here:



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