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Brian Mattison’s Spoken English Classes #2 – London

Brian Mattison’s Spoken English Classes #2 – London (Level: B1)

Brian Mattison's Spoken English Classes #2 - London

Enjoy a long weekend in London with our virtual conversation!

Hi there! Take a weekend break in London with my FREE online speaking and listening class! Here are a few tips:

  • Click on the first play button below.
  • Say your answer out loud, then click the next one when you are ready. Try to give as full an answer as possible.
  • Replay the questions as many times as you need to.
  • Get a teacher or friend to listen to your ‘conversation’ and give you feedback.
  • Try to listen and answer all of the questions, before reading the transcript.
  • Practice as often as you like – wherever you are!
  • Please leave your comments below – and share this page if you like it!

Full Transcript #2 – London:

  1. Hi, it’s Brian Mattison again. I would like you to imagine a long weekend in London. By the way, if I ask you a yes / no question, you should answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but then add further information. Is that OK?
  2. Great. Then let’s begin this one. Have you ever been to London?
  3. I heard you’re planning a long weekend in London? Who are you going with?
  4. What would you like to do there? What are some of the most famous attractions in London
  5. Imagine you’re riding the London Eye. How do you feel, so high in the sky? What can you see there? [This video might help.]
  6. Wow! It must be a really incredible view. Hey, where have you booked to stay during the weekend? Describe your choice of accommodation in London.
  7. Nice! What did you buy when you went shopping on Oxford Street and around Covent Garden area?
  8. Do you want to take in a show tonight? What do you fancy seeing?
  9. How was it?
  10. That sounds undeniably interesting. What is your idea of a perfect Sunday morning in London?
  11. Did you walk to Buckingham Palace to see where the Queen lives? What is your opinion about the British Royal Family?
  12. Did you take a boat trip on the river? Describe what you could see as you sailed down the Thames.
  13. Was there anything you didn’t like about your trip to London?
  14. It’s time to go home now. What are you final impressions of London? Did you enjoy your visit? What were the highlights for you?
  15. Mega! You know what – I forgot to ask you – what did you eat while you were in London? Did you enjoy British cuisine?
  16. Well – that’s all for this class. I think you’ve done really, really well! Maybe you’ll want to try one of my other classes here on PurlandTraining.com.
Brian Mattison's Spoken English Classes #2 - London

Sightseeing in London by red double-decker bus can be really fun!


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Aron Van de Pol

Spotlight on the United Kingdom 1

1. How many countries make up Great Britain and what are they?
2. What is the capital city of Northern Ireland?
3. What type of government does the UK have?
4. In which year were Great Britain and Ireland joined in a legislative union?
5. What is the highest point in the UK?
6. In which continent is the UK situated?
7. Who is the patron saint of Scotland and on which day is he remembered?
8. True or false – the UK is a member of the European Single Currency?
9. What do the initials NUT stand for?
10. Name the two Houses of Parliament.
11. Who is heir to the throne in the UK?
12. At what age can people vote in the UK?
13. How many vehicles does the M1 carry per week?
14. What is the national flower of Wales?
15. Draw the symbol for Pounds Sterling.
16. What is the London Underground also known as?
17. At what address does the Prime Minister of the UK usually live?
18. What colour are double-decker buses in London?
19. Which UK city has the nickname ‘Brum’?
20. What is the maximum speed limit when driving on motorways in the UK?

(Source: FREE Big Resource Book, by Matt Purland – download it here)

Answers: 1. Three. England, Scotland and Wales. 2. Belfast. 3. Constitutional monarchy. 4. The 1801 Act of Union merged Great Britain with Ireland. 5. Ben Nevis (1,344 metres). 6. Western Europe. 7. Saint Andrew. 30th November is known as St. Andrew’s Day. 8. False. 9. National Union of Teachers. 10. The House of Commons and the House of Lords. 11. Prince Charles. 12. At age 18. 13. Up to 980,000 (source: http://www.cbrd.co.uk/). 14. The daffodil. 15. £. 16. The Tube. 17. 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA. 18. Red. 19. Birmingham. 20. 70 miles per hour.