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FREE Podcast! Advice for New Teachers of English

In this episode I was lucky enough to chat with the wonderful Daria Storozhilova from http://stordar.com.

Daria StorozhilovaDaria Storozhilova

I asked her what advice she would give to new teachers of English. Below are some of the tips that we discussed in this special podcast.

Advice for new teachers of English:

– Listen to advice from more experienced teachers. Don’t assume you know it all after a CELTA or Cert. TESOL course!

– Collaborate with your colleagues; learn from them; observe them; team teach. Don’t be an island!

– Use a wide range of materials – and no materials!

– Don’t just present the course book – this leads to a downward spiral.

– Brush up on your grammar; learn something before you teach it.

– Take students on trips to build relationships and your confidence; go the extra mile.

– Enjoy what you do. If you don’t enjoy teaching day-in day-out, you should consider another profession.

– Check the wage – what will it get you? What accommodation? What will be your costs. Be aware that language school teachers may want what is best for them, not for you!

– We don’t become teachers to become rich and famous! Or for the holidays! It’s a labour of love.

– Get further qualifications. CPD – continuous professional development will keep your teaching fresh.

– Go to training courses and conferences; get connected – use Twitter and social networks; get up to speed; keep reading and learning; learn by doing, e.g. by creating your own material.

– Teaching is about building relationships with people, not just imparting knowledge.

Daria Storozhilova is an English teacher who specialises in communication and student confidence. She currently teaches online and develops online courses. You can find our more about her courses here: https://stordar.teachable.com/ Don’t forget to follow Daria on Twitter too: https://twitter.com/stordarlearn


Patrice Palmer

FREE Podcast! Episode 10 – Teacher to Teacherpreneur – Interview with Patrice Palmer!

In this special episode, I spend a fascinating half hour chatting with educator Patrice Palmer about her life, work, and how teachers can go from teacher to teacherpreneur!

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Matt Purland – One of the First Teacherpreneurs!

Check out my recent interview with teacherpreneur (teacher/entrepreneur) Patrice Palmer here:


Here is a sample from the interview:


What is your biggest challenge as a teacher?


Sometimes it can be hard for teachers to remain interested in the subject that they are teaching, especially if, for example, it’s the hundredth time they have explained present simple tense that month! I get over this by having the students do most of the work in the lesson time. Instead of dictating to them what they have to learn, I encourage them to discover the language points by being active in the classroom, working in pairs and small groups, doing projects, and writing on the board. When students produce in class, rather than reading a dreary course book, every class is different, because every student is unique. I developed the teaching method You Are The Course Book recently, and this really helps to stop me from becoming bored or jaded in the classroom!

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Thanks, Patrice, for featuring me on your blog!

You can find out more about going from a teacher to a teacherpreneur with Patrice’s Advanced Skills Course here: