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Purland's Word of the Day! Haughty

Purland’s Word of the Day! Haughty

Purland’s Word of the Day! Haughty

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Are you haughty? Do you know anybody who is haughty? Let’s hope not!

A haughty person is somebody who is proud and arrogant and acts in a disdainful and stuck-up manner. You get the feeling that they think they’re much better than you – and everybody else, for that matter.

If you are haughty you believe you are superior, but in reality you are just too big for your boots – you have too high an opinion of yourself and could be described as vain or even an egomaniac!

If you know anybody who is haughty – or if you are haughty – please tell us about it in the comments below!

‘Terry’s boss is so haughty. She storms around the office all day barking orders at people. It’s really not on!’

adverb: haughtily

abstract noun: haughtiness

opposite adjectives: humble, unassuming

sounds like: naughty (in British English), body (in American English)

tone: formal / literary English

stress: first syllable

origin: 16th century French

Images:  freestocks.org