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Best English Idioms about Life

Best English Idioms about Life

Increase your vocabulary by learning these 20 common English idioms about life:

Best English Idioms about Life

Best English Idioms about Life

Best English Idioms about Life – Interactive Test

Take our online test. Type your answers. There are twenty questions and the pass mark is 85%, so you need 17 correct answers to pass:


sth= something, sby = somebody

1. a quiet life  >  a life free of arguments and problems

2. be another one of life’s great mysteries  >  be something else [usually trivial] I do not know

3. be the life and soul of the party  >  be sby who is entertaining at social gatherings

4. do sth as if your life depended on it  >  do sth very hurriedly and with great urgency

5. get a life!  >  don’t be so boring! / don’t be ridiculous!

6. get a new lease of life  >  get new energy and enthusiasm

7. get the shock of your life  >  be very shocked

8. have the time of your life  >  have a fantastic time

9. hold on for dear life  >  hold on very tightly

10. it’s a dog’s life  >  it’s a hard life being taken for granted by others

11. it’s the story of my life  >  this always or usually happens to me

12. money can’t buy you happiness  >  having money does not guarantee happiness

13. not be able to do sth to save your life  >  be very bad at a particular task

14. study at the university of life  >  learn from life experience rather than formal education

15. be the light of sby’s life  >  be the most beloved person in sby’s life

16. that’s life  >  that’s a disappointment but you have to accept it

17. the best things in life are free  >  you don’t need money to have a good time

18. this is the life!  >  what a great time I’m having!

19. variety is the spice of life  >  it is good to have variety from time to time

20. when life gives you lemons, make lemonade  >  when in a bad situation, use it to your advantage

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