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Questions about Gorillas - Quiz

Questions about Gorillas – Quiz

Questions about Gorillas – Quiz

Let’s learn about gorillas!

1. Read the answers below and try to predict the questions:

1. The rainforests of Sub-Saharan Africa.          e.g. “Where do gorillas live?”
2. There are two species of gorilla: eastern and western.
3. Up to 1.8 metres tall.
4. A silverback.
5. Destruction of their habitat, poaching, and disease.
6. 35-40 years.
7. On their knuckles.
8. King Kong.
9. No, mountain gorillas are gentle and sociable creatures.
10. Gorillas are mainly vegetarian, eating shoots and leaves, and sometimes fruit.
11. Leopards, humans, and other gorillas.
12. Donkey Kong.

2. Read the answer then choose the correct question.

All the questions are multiple choice, so just select the answer which you think is correct. There are twelve questions and the pass mark is 75%, which means you need nine correct answers to pass.

Good luck!

Top facts about mountain gorillas by WWF:

Questions about Gorillas - Quiz

Questions about Gorillas – Quiz


Images: Thomas Millot on Unsplash and claudialauhof from Pixabay 

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