Creative Writing with Story Prompts

Creative Writing with Story Prompts

1. The Roller Coaster Ride:

  1. Watch the 30-second video a few times.
  2. a) Write down the first words that come into your mind as you watch it.
    b) Write down a synonym for each word (where possible).
  3. Discuss the following questions with a partner or small group:

• What is happening?
• Who is in the video?
• What is their relationship?
• Where are they?
• Why are they there?
• When did they get there?
• How far have they travelled?
• What happened just before this moment?
• What will happen five minutes later?
• Have you ever had such an experience? When?
• How did you feel at that time?
• How do you feel looking back?

(Remember, there are no wrong answers!)

4.   Write quick (spontaneous) answers to the following questions:

A (blonde, on the left) and B (brunette) – give them names: A ______; B ______.

The Roller Coaster Ride

  1. Now read the following information and complete the gaps:

This is the last time these two women ever met. Why?

______ knows a devastating secret about ______, that even she does not know. What is it?

______’s father is a famous ______ who fought in ______ .

______’s mother worked for ______’s cousin as a ______ until ______, when ______.

______ was kicked out of university because of ______.

A few days ago ______ there was an unpleasant moment when ______.

______ has always felt she would never be able to ______.

______ is not willing to try to ______.

  1. Now answer the questions again in the light of what you have decided:

The Roller Coaster Ride

  1. It’s two years later. Now write a letter from one of the women to the other woman’s husband.

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