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Practice English Tenses - David Writes a Psalm

Practice English Tenses – David Writes a Psalm

Practice English Tenses – David Writes a Psalm

Learn English through Bible study! Practice using English tenses and conditionals with this free printable worksheet – including full answers!

a) Read the present simple sentence, then complete the gaps to change it into 17 other tenses / forms.
b) Choose the correct time word or phrase below, where necessary.

This worksheet is free and in the public domain, so please feel free to share it widely!

Direct download:

Practice English Tenses – David Writes a Psalm


Direct download:

Practice English Tenses – David Writes a Psalm – Answers

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NEW! Fun Kahoot! Quiz – Future Tenses

NEW! Fun Kahoot! Quiz - Future Tenses

Check out our latest Kahoot! quiz on the topic of future tenses!

This quiz is aimed at ESOL and English language students from A2 level and upwards.

You can access this great FREE quiz here:

Question Forms – Past Perfect


Rearrange the words in each sentence to make a question in past perfect tense.

Don’t forget to put a capital letter at the start of each sentence and a question mark at the end:

1. before had the going lights off you to all switched bed

2. since Road lived Jeremy in had 1989 Cromer

3. the out play their going pupils to completed had work before

4. John you left the got already had time home by

5. drunk half your somebody you from drink returned the when bathroom had

6. the made by call time his boss had appeared Liam phone a

7. school while a a ever still you had career at chef considered as

8. to gone phoned last bed had your them parents you just night when

9. had that seen already you movie

10. already meat out you the the been you cancelled bought before had
party found that had

Answers (no peeking!):

Question Forms – Past Perfect - Answers

Troubling Tenses – What’s the Best Time? 1

distel2610 / Pixabay

Practise everyday tenses – including past simple and present perfect – with this free grammar practice exercise!

Complete each sentence with one of these words or phrases:

1. We’ve walked a long way _______________, haven’t we?
2. Tom hurt himself while rollerblading _______________.
3. We’re having dinner at a nice restaurant _______________.
4. I bought some fresh bananas at the market _______________.
5. I get the bus at 6am _______________.
6. A new bookshop opened in the city centre _______________.
7. We will bake a delicious cake for grandma’s birthday ______________.
8. I chat with my friend at the bus stop _______________.
9. Claire is getting off the train _______________.
10. Sarah has had a really good day _______________.
11.They’ll finish work at five o’clock ___________ and then go for a meal.
12.I have been to the doctor’s ___________, because I’ve got a bad cold.
13.George will wear a tie to his cousin’s funeral.
14.Paul has cereal and milk for his breakfast _______________.
15.I’m listening to the radio _______________.

For answers check out the free Big Grammar Book 2.

NEW! Podcast – What are Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous?

It’s grammar time!

Please join me as I discuss two tenses that are nobody’s favourites: Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous! Yes, it has to be done! 🙂

Click below to listen:

Listen and download the free MP3 lesson: What are Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous? (21 MB, Google Drive)

For more information about Present Perfect click here.

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What is Present Simple?

NEW! Podcast – What is Present Simple?

Discover present simple tense in English!

Please join me for this new grammar podcast especially for beginner- and elementary-level students of English. We learn all about present simple, including time, usage, verb forms, question and negative forms, auxiliary verbs, and adverbs of frequency:

Listen and download the free MP3 lesson: What is Present Simple? (16 MB, Google Drive)

Here is the basic info that I talk about in the podcast:

What is Present Simple?You can get the full information about Present Simple here:

I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know!