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Home Security – Do's and Don’ts (ESOL Discussion Activity)

Home Security – Do’s and Don’ts (ESOL Discussion Activity)

Home Security – Do’s and Don’ts (ESOL Discussion Activity)

Work with a partner or small group. Discuss the following statements about home security. Decide whether each belongs in the DO’S list or the DON’TS list and say why (answers may vary):

  • Close all the windows before going out.
  • When someone you don’t know comes to the door, ask to see their ID.
  • Learn a martial art so that you can deal with burglars effectively if they break into your home.
  • Don’t tell anyone your address, even your family and friends.
  • Ask a friend to call round a couple of times to check the house while you are away on holiday.
  • Fit several large locks to the inside of the front door.
  • Leave a spare key under a flowerpot outside near the front door.
  • Lock the front door when you leave the house.
  • Stay in all day and all night, just in case.
  • Leave on a radio or the TV when you go out at night.
smart home diagram

Have you turned your home into a smart home? How did you do it? Why? Discuss how each of the symbols relate to home security.

  • Keep all tools and garden equipment safely locked in the shed.
  • Have a spare front door key cut and give it to a trusted friend, in case you lose your own key.
  • Tell everyone you know that you’re going on holiday and for how long the house will be empty.
  • Leave a tall ladder in the garden leaning up against the wall near an open bathroom window.
  • Make sure that you have enough home contents insurance cover for all of your possessions and valuables, in case your house is burgled.
  • Put an address label on the key fob that has your house key on it.
  • Leave the front door unlocked when you go to bed at night.
  • Cancel the milk and papers for the period when you are away on holiday.
  • Close all the curtains before leaving the house.
  • Build a two-metre-high metal perimeter wall around your property and land.
Home Security

Is it enough to have a sign? Or do you need to have a dog too?

Extract from Big Grammar Book Intermediate Book 1 which you can download FREE here!


Title image: Brennan Ehrhardt

Smart Home: Image by Pixaline from Pixabay

Beware of dog: Tyler Nix