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Singing - Discussion Words

FREE Podcast! Episode 9 – Vocabulary Words about Singing

Let’s have a fun listening activity on the topic of singing! I’m going to read out loud forty vocabulary words – four words at a time – and you have to either say them out loud or write them down. Check if you’ve got everything right by downloading the free vocabulary handout here:

Singing – Discussion Words

This activity is probably more suitable for learners at Intermediate level and above!

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Episode 6 - At the Airport

Episode 6 – Signs and Notices at the Airport – FREE Podcast!

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The signs and notices at the airport were:

1. departures.

2. ATM.

3. bag drop.

4. special assistance.

5. trolley return.

6. international arrivals.

7. information.

8. toilets.

9. shops and restaurants

10. reserved seating

11. customer service

12. welcome to Stansted Airport

13. fast track

14. valet reception

15. train departures

16. organic coffee

17. do not enter

18. lifts

19. taxi booking desk

20. exit