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Idiom of the day – To swan about

To swan about means to walk around in a public place in a particularly ostentatious manner – hoping that everybody notices you and in particular the fabulous – and maybe expensive – clothes and hairstyle that you are sporting. It could be said that swans do not swan about, but rather glide effortlessly on silken waters. This idiom is, therefore, a bit of a slur against swans, which are naturally elegant and beautiful creatures, and do not need to try to be noticed – unlike those who must swan about. 

Idiom of the day – To receive a frosty reception 

It is normal at this time of year to go outside and find that the ground is hard and frosty. But it is possible to get a frosty reception at any time of the year. It happens when you arrive somewhere, e.g. a party, and the host is not pleased to see you – perhaps because of something unkind you have previously said or done. Maybe after a few drinks and a nice slice of birthday cake the atmosphere between you will begin to thaw and you can kiss and make up. 😉😘

Idiom of the day – Be careful

If somebody tells you to be careful they are giving you a warning that something dangerous could be just around the corner. This plastic warning post was placed on the road to warn drivers that there was a large unwieldy tree close to the road that could potentially cause an accident. A reckless passerby chose to rip the post from its stand and throw it down on the other side of the road. This person clearly did not see the value in this post, which was warning drivers to be careful – to take care.

Idiom of the day – A little of what you fancy does you good 

This idiom means that it is good to indulge in your favorite food, drink, or pastime – sometimes. It can be healthy even. But keep in mind the ‘little’ part. A doctor might recommend that if you love chocolate or a certain kind of expensive cheese you should allow yourself to have some – from time to time – but certainly not every day! Go easy on the treats!

Idiom of the day – To be in the doghouse

If you are in the doghouse, you have done something wrong and somebody is angry with you. Your status at home or at work or at school is reduced to a low level – like when your dog misbehaves and you send him to his kennel or doghouse to think about his mistakes. To exit this unfortunate state you may well need to apologize to the person you upset and in exceptional circumstances this may even involve the buying of flowers and/or chocolates. 🌹🌹🍫🍫

Idiom of the day – To make an effort

To make an effort means to try hard – maybe harder than we usually do. If Joanne made a big effort to improve her grades, she tried extra hard – she studied for longer – to achieve her goal. This year the local town council have really made a big effort with the Christmas decorations, as you can see from this beautiful illuminated bauble on the pier.

Idiom of the day – To have a sweet tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you love sweets, cakes, and biscuits? Do you turn your nose up at carrots and laugh in the face of asparagus? If you have a sweet tooth it means that you love to eat sugary food. The irony is that if you eat enough sweet things, you will end up without any teeth at all! So go easy on those jellies and cakes!